A B O U T   M Y   A R T

My artwork invariably begins with preexisting or randomly generated shapes that I utilize as the framework for my exploration. I strive to reveal the beauty and intricacies that I see within these commonplace patterns. Maps and woodgrains often serve as the basis as well as the inspiration for my paintings. Although maps are human constructs, they exhibit the same repetitive cellular patterns of growth and expansion that are present in nature. I find organic forms intriguing because they appear at both the macro and micro level, thereby making the scale within the image ambiguous. This encourages the viewer to shift between these opposing perspectives and to consider and experience the unifying similarities between the detailed viewpoint and the grander scope.



Throughout history we have attempted to organize the chaotic world around us by making charts, diagrams, and maps. These tools help us to better understand our environment and make sense of the incomprehensible vastness of the world. Visually, maps are merely collections of overlapping lines, shapes, and symbols. I find it intriguing that I can look at a map and know where things are in relation to one another and still have no idea what the place represented by the lines actually looks like. I attempt to convey this mental disconnect by imposing my own surreal landscapes onto maps. I enjoy the reversal that occurs through this process; rather than using land to create maps, I am using the shapes in maps to create new imaginary landscapes. 

I M P R E S S I O N S   &   R E M N A N T S

The Impressions series of drawings is based on the visible traces that people leave as they travel through a space, which create a visual record of their movement. These drawings begin with the dusty traces of shoe-prints on paper, that gradually overlap and create complex grids. The individual shoe-prints eventually become indistinguishable as they blend together and form an interconnected web, reminiscent of conventional maps. 

My Remnants paintings series developed out of these drawings. 


These drawings are an exploration of the delicate tension between random forms and controlled lines, shapes, and patterns. The tea and coffee spill-marks establish the framework for the images and provide a dynamic space to navigate, explore, and embellish. My inspiration for the organic patterns in these drawings comes from the complex geometric shapes found in nature. I am intrigued by the simultaneously destructive and regenerative powers of the natural world and strive to recreate this interplay between chaos and order in these drawings.